2 years ago

SMPC - Strike Two Again, Killed 6 Miners

SMPC - Strike Two Again, Killed 6 Miners

  (Photo taken @www.rappler.com)

    Once is enough for a wise man as the saying goes. But wait! It seems that Semirara Mining and Power Company still haven't struck and learned from the past experienced that took the lives of five miners. This company aims to help the people by giving them the income to sustain their livelihood. And when the ground collapsed again that took another six lives adding from the previous incident, they say that they wanted to give the victims the appropriate benefits. For sure it would be easier for them just to pay the necessary damage but it surely harder for the families who have loss someone.

    Apart from giving such financial assistance to the families, the company is making the full force in acting responsible and liable for what had happened despite of other group's condemnation of the situation. They are confident in doing what they must do in order to continue their operation for profit. In spite of the damaged, the resident still want the kind of activity in their area since, this was the kind of jod for them to survive - an income generating field yet life theatening indeed!

   It is really ironic though, it's really hazardous but still they want to sacrifice. Is it worth it?! How many lives that would add-up to the list??? We NEED TO ACT NOT LATER BUT NOW!!